Whether you have already installed additional axes for your machine tool, or are considering the benefits of such an investment to increase the productivity and scope of your platform, NIKKEN have a solution to meet any requirement.

NIKKEN offer a complete range of work holding and fixturing accessories to suit any application. Whether it’s a standard, off-the-shelf centring vice or fully bespoke fixturing package, our team of skilled engineers are available to create a package to suit your process for either direct supply or as part of a full turn-key solution.

Popular setups include but are not limited to; vices (with various jaw options), tombstones, pallets, trunnion setups and rail systems, all fully zero-point compatible to ensure optimal efficiency, accuracy and repeatability, in addition to being available to view at our Innovation Centre.

Both our own and our partner manufactured accessories and equipment are available on a fast turnaround.

NIKKEN Solutions



NIKKEN Solutions  

As you can expect from NIKKEN, quality is of the upmost importance and our range is intended to provide optimal durability and accuracy to even the most challenging of environments.  

NIKKEN have developed and can offer a complete range of standard trunnions and mountings to allow any single axis rotary table to be adapted quickly and easily, with a suitable support (like NIKKEN’s TAT solution).  

Our trunnions allow positioning and holding of single workpieces, multiple workpieces or even vices for greatly increased productivity and workflow. Available ‘off the shelf’ in 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm lengths, from a choice of steel or aluminium, they are suitable for practically every machine tool and bed length. 

Bespoke Items 

For applications that are more unique, NIKKEN are able to offer a full bespoke design service, working with you to develop an optimal solution when considering every aspect of your manufacturing setup and environment. 

Typical examples are custom fixturing, providing adequate clearance when paired with NIKKEN NC tooling and a NIKKEN rotary table to maximise access and reduce operation count. One popular and proven solution that has been tried and tested by many is to incorporate a rail system on to the trunnion plate which can potentially allow for 6-sided machining. This option and capability massively increase productivity. Multiple components can be effectively loaded on either side of the trunnion, mounted on opposing faces. This allows for 3 sides to be machined on one face of the trunnion and the remaining 3 sides on the next face (operation one and two in a single set up). 

Solutions from LANG 

New to NIKKEN, LANG offer highly flexible, high quality, modular zero-point systems and work holding solutions. LANG Quick Point plates and Makro Grip vices offer ultimate versatility and flexibility when used in combination with a NIKKEN rotary table and trunnion setup, offering numerous possibilities of quick-change repeatable set upof vices, fixtures, and chucks.  

The unique LANG Stamping and form closure technology also ensures maximum machining access and gripping power when used with all types of material.    

Solutions from TRIAG 

NIKKEN are approved dealers for the entire range of work-holding products and accessories from TRIAG. The vast and expansive range provides increased scope and capabilities for any process or requirement.

 As standard and in stock, we offer the range of ‘triCENTRO’ precision self-centring vices, pre-prepared for direct mounting onto a range of rotary table faceplate sizes (perfect for twin axis adaptation). 

Also available are the unique and versatile ‘powerCLAMP’ base-rail solutions which allow for multiple workpieces to be set up either directly on your machine bed, table or tombstone, and also the potential to be affixed to our standard trunnions to provide multi-sided machining and work holding. 

For optimum work piece loading and versatility, the ‘Sputnik II’ system adds massively increased scope and capabilities for any five-axis machine tool or indeed a three-axis machine fitted with a twin axis rotary table. Fully customizable and reconfigurable with Traig’s range of vice solutions multiple parts can be reliably gripped and accessed for massive productivity gains!

To suit any horizontal machining centre, NIKKEN can also provide Triag’s range of revolutionary ‘tripoxyMINERAL’ tombstones. Manufactured using a special epoxy resin process, the tombstones are much lighter in weight than their cast iron, and even aluminium, counterparts and provide inherent dampening characteristics to benefit the machining process. Available either simply with a drilled and tapped configuration or arranged and set up with our base-rails and vice solutions, the system is versatile and can suit any pallet, process and configuration requirement. 

Chucking solutions 

For cylindrical and bar type work pieces, NIKKEN can provide a range of precision three jaw chucking solutions to suit numerous rotary table faceplate diameters. Supplied ready to go with the necessary spigot, adaptor plate and fixings, the chucks can be very quickly mounted and also just as speedily removed should another process or manufacturing requirement need to be fulfilled by your rotary table. 

Automatic work piece loading and palletized systems 

Recently included with our range of work-holding capabilities are a selection of solutions designed and developed for machine tools fitted with automatic loading systems or pallet pools. Providing adaptation for our standard range of TRIAG vice solutions, or even for direct mounting of specific components, our range includes many of the now industry standard mounting configurations (HSK, Polygon, ISO/BT e.t.c).