Our range of standard and advanced tool presetting machines are designed, developed and manufactured by our sister company Elbo Controlli NIKKEN.

All Elbo Controlli NIKKEN tool presetters are designed and manufactured 'in-house' at our two sites in Meda near Milan, Italy. Every single construction material and component is carefully controlled and developed specifically with the function and requirement of measuring tools in mind (from the optics and electronics right through to the glass scales, spindles and structural assemblies).

Based on an exclusive and highly stable ground granite construction, for the main base and column, our expansive range of solutions provide technology, software and capabilities to meet all demands and budgets.

We are also delighted to be able to offer, provide and support more complete software and networking solutions to provide the possibility to implement and control a complete ‘Industry 4.0’ based tooling and inventory system to any factory.  

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