NIKKEN 5th Axis CNC Rotary Tables are renowned for offering unmatched high precision, high rigidity and durability for multiple-axis machining.

All NIKKEN CNC Rotary Tables provide accuracy and longevity, which is second to none—benefiting from NIKKEN’s proven knowledge and experience to incorporate the absolute best for design, materials, performance and construction.

Whether you have the hardware already available at your machining centre or not, a NIKKEN Rotary Table can help to ultimately reduce the number of setups enabling increased productivity.

All of our tables can be supplied with a NIKKEN Alpha 21 controller for machines that don't have the necessary axis preparation.

NIKKEN's 5th Axis Rotary Tables can increase your productivity and sustainability while reducing energy wastage.

Sustainability Advantages with NIKKEN's 5th Axis Rotary Tables:

Ultimately NIKKEN's 5th Axis Rotary Tables and accessories can provide lower machine downtime and less wastage by providing the customer with fewer setups and decreased part handling/manipulation.

As the NIKKEN elements are generally ‘plug and play’ they also have the potential to provide complete machine tool versatility, and a NIKKEN rotary table, therefore, has the scope to meet any production demand:

  • It can be transferred between any suitably compatible and prepared machine or, with our new AR21 controller, theoretically, any machine!
  • It can reduce the initial machine tool investment cost and increase the capabilities and output of existing machine tools and spindles on any shop floor!

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