Our people are at the heart of our operations.

We are passionate innovators and enthusiasts, striving to achieve in everything we do to enable us to continue to be the Global Leaders of elite precision engineering products. 

We’re a forward thinking and ambitious business, constantly evolving, growing and developing to meet the demands of our industry.

  • 500+ Employees

    Around 100 of our employees serve Europe

  • 8 Apprentices

    Developing careers throughout the business including Manufacturing, Service and Sales.

  • 20 Global Offices

    Including UK, Japan, USA, Italy, France, China, Poland, Germany and more

"Our job, to put it briefly, is building tools. We do not make hobbyists' tools, but capital goods to make other goods. With the tools that we make, users are building goods large and small, from automobiles, airplanes, and power station turbines to smartphones and watch components. By becoming more closely involved in our customer's manufacturing, we offer them new value and become a part of their story. There is nothing ordinary about our work. In fact, it is wonderful to have the privilege of doing it. That is why we have a sense of mission and try to get close to our customers so that our company can work with them as a team with shared values."

Akiharu Nagahama, President - NIKKEN Kosakusho Works, Ltd.

At over 500 employees worldwide including over 100 at NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe, we’re always looking for talent to join the team. We're a diverse team with various skills and advocates of recruiting from all educational backgrounds whether that be an apprentice, a graduate or work experienced professionals. 

We work closely with the AMRC training centre to recruit apprentices, allowing local young people a chance to develop a career with us and contribute to the future of engineering.

Keep an eye on this page for our latest career opportunities however in the meantime, learn more about some of our employees and their roles here.

 NIKKEN Kosakusho European Team

Current Vacancies

 Apprentice Charles Corker

Charles Corker, Technical Apprentice

Jack Varley, Area Business Manager

Jack Varley, Area Business Manager

Tim Bruce, Assistant General Manager- Euro Centre

Tim Bruce, Assistant General Manager- Euro Centre

Jonny Watson, Service Engineer

Jonny Watson, Service Engineer