Our fully equipped service department has a combined total of over two hundred years of experience, enabling us to offer complete and timely support for the full range of NIKKEN products. From our Euro Centre alone we support over 3,000 operational Rotary Tables in the UK and over 20,000 throughout Europe.

While NIKKEN products are renowned for their high quality, reliability, and robustness; an annual service will help to protect the longevity of customers' investments and provide defence against unexpected failure. Proactive maintenance safeguards productivity and provides our fully trained, dedicated technicians the opportunity to spot early signs of issues and react accordingly. This is proven to be more cost-effective than waiting until repairs are needed and eliminates any excessive waste parts.

We offer a variety of service options and inspections that can be tailored to specific needs.

Our on-site servicing includes:

  • Full functionality check
  • Adjustment of backlashes where appropriate
  • Oil change and resealing of covers to prevent coolant ingress
  • A full report on the current condition of the rotary table.

"If I had to give one tip to customers, it would be to make sure that you have your Rotary Tables / Presetters serviced by NIKKEN every year. Not only are we the OEM using genuine parts to retain the quality NIKKEN is known for, but the experience and knowledge of our products is simply unrivalled. Opting for preventive maintenance will always prove to be more cost-effective when compared to a ‘if it isn’t broken don’t fix it’ approach – your car needs servicing every year, and so does your Rotary Table / Presetter!"

Tim Bruce, Assistant General Manager - NIKKEN Euro-Centre


Servicing NIKKEN Rotary Table
Testing NIKKEN Rotary Table