NIKKEN and indeed our group company and partner Elbo Controlli NIKKEN have gained, from their expansive range of tool presetting machines, extensive knowledge and experience for the requirements and demands of tool offsets and the respective tool data.

All our presetting machines, as standard, provide networking and post processing options by default which is a straightforward and convenient way to transfer measured tool data. With the advent of modern CNC controllers and indeed the push for technology and cloud-based solutions (focussed around Industry 4.0) our customers are now demanding much more for controlling and managing the tool data.

TiD: With the development of our Tool ID manager software, Elbo Controlli NIKKEN have created the perfect instrument to manage and control tool identification data.

Fundamentally our TID application has resulted from the need to provide an instrument and software that allows the simple creation, at a reasonable price, of a tool identification system to interface with:

  • Tool presetting machines.
  • The machine tool NC (FANUC, HEIDENHAIN, MAZAK, SIEMENS, MAKINO, OKUMA and more).

TiD is versatile and straight forward being a suitable ‘entry-level’ step for the unique needs of customers who want to work with a basic tool identification system and a means to quick and easy data transfer and control.

The solution uses a handheld scanner at the presetter to scan and read a data matrix tag (similar to a QR code) located on the tool assembly. A similar scanner is located at the machine tool connected to either a Windows PC or touchscreen console on which the TiD software is also running. So essentially the tool data remains centralized within the TiD database and is scanned from the presetter directly into the tool table on the respective machine tool.

Thanks to an intuitive graphical interface, TID allows configuration of the format and the mapping for the data required for the tool identification.

Main Advantages:

  • The system allows users to avoid the additional costs associated with using data tags/chips which are embedded within each tool holder. So no requirement to specify new tool holders with the pocket already present or to make modification to existing tool holders. Also no additional costs for purchase and integration of electronic control units for each CNC machine.
  • TiD does also not require changes and updates for the CNC machine PLC/Ladder to configure and install the electronic control units and indeed reader heads e.t.c.

TP32: Our TP32 solution has been developed to provide a complete tool and stock control system for manufacturers and machine shops.

TP32 meets the demands for any company that requires a system capable of managing tool holders, cutting tools, spare parts, inserts, consumables and ALL associated data and information.

Normally the necessity to manage these resources stems from a need to:

  • Reduce production costs.
  • Optimise the supply system of parts and materials to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Understanding, at every moment throughout the working day, the actual situation of the resources available.
  • Properly organise the production cycle.

TP32 is a program dedicated to the management of the tool repository woven in as a fundamental component of the productive cycle. As such, the data is inserted and managed within a system which allows all information to be accessible to all members across the manufacturing process and presented in the simplest and most straight forward and useable manner.

Through TP32 it is possible to have the situation of the repository/stock under full control both as a management solution and also to the teams responsible for the composition and assembly of the individual components. In this way, everyone has all the necessary information that is required for effective production (component availability, assembly verification, etc.) including even going as far as individual part and assembly administration (stock values, ordering replenishments from suppliers, e.t.c).


  • Warehouse control.
  • Elimination of machine down-time.
  • Total management of tool assemblies, ancillary parts and their locations.
  • Reduction of management and financial costs.
  • Process improvement.

Types of application:

  • Machine load/unload management for tool assemblies.
  • Machine configuration.
  • Tool table management.
  • Tool list importation/export.
  • Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter machine interface.
  • Tool stock management: tool assembly stock, drawings, barcodes management, stock, importing data from electronic catalogues, fully ISO13399 library compatible, linking to CADCAM and tool verification software.

TP32 Catalogue

(PDF - 3.71 MB)