Shrink-Fit Solutions

At NIKKEN, we were quite deliberate when we refined and selected the choices and specifications for our NIKKEN Shrink-Fit Range.

Along with all options providing, as standard, the connection rigidity benefit of the face and taper contact, the shrink-fit systems also include:

  • Precise tool holder balance (G2.5 @ 25,000rpm) for better surface finish, stable operation and increased speeds and feeds.

  • Superior tool run-out (0.003mm) for improved and reliable tool life.

  • Greater rigidity. The tool shank is gripped and retained at ‘360 degrees’ for the entirety of the bore length.

  • Thinner profiles and several gauge length choices for better part access.

  • Versatile coolant control. Two choices of holder depending on profile: Standard features a convertible system either through the tool or around the tool supply. The slimline type provides centre-through control as standard.

NIKKEN's Shrink-Fitting process forces a natural ‘barrel’ expansion to occur on the tool holder body. Quite often, without the counterbore, tool holders can become overheated.

Once any holder is overheated, its internal material structure is fundamentally changed. The net result is that it will not perform to its maximum efficiency anymore (run-out, damaged bore, change in hardness).

The recess is also effective in removing the ‘pinch point’, which occurs at the front of the bore during heating. Less heat is required for the expansion.