NIKKEN can provide a wide range of solutions and capabilities to optimise and increase the spindle speed capability of your machine tool. Why invest in what is quite often very expensive, limited torque, high speed spindle when you can simply tool change one of our devices into your spindle at the exact moment you require an increased ability for your cutting tool or process.

Mechanical Spindle Speeder:

We provide two ranges of planetary geared mechanical spindle speeders to suit a wide variety of spindle connection and tool shank sizes. NIKKEN manufacture our own and ultimately reliable NX and PX speeder solutions providing units with output speeds starting from 20,000rpm up to 40,000 rpm (over a range of 1.75mm to 16mm tool shank capacities).

We can also offer the AX5 solution from our manufacturing partner Alberti SRL. This unit provides a capability of up to 25,000rpm and features a unique body with an interchangeable input shank that not only provides an exclusive jet array directing coolant to the cutting edge but also cools the body during use!


Another option from our manufacturing partner Alberti SRL is their line of TurboDrill spindle speeders and TurboFlex angle heads. These solutions are pneumatic and powered by air and provide high speed rotation of the cutting tool for small diameter or fine drilling, milling and engraving processes. The units themselves are based on a variety of air motors from Japanese manufacturer NSK which provide absolute run-out accuracies and speeds ranging from 20,000rpm right up to an impressive maximum capability of 60,000rpm (depending on head size and air motor – output speed is fixed and not variable). TurboFlex is also available with an automatic index and positioning capability to suit machine tools with an angular positioning option available to the main spindle.


Slim Line is a third solution provided by our manufacturing partner Alberti SRL. Slim Line increases the rotation speed of the cutting tool, just like our mechanical spindle speeders, by using and being driven by the machine spindle itself. Based on similar NSK spindles as the TurboDrill range the speed capabilities available start at just under 6,000rpm and increase to 15,000rpm (depending on head size – output speed is variable and based on input speed and ratio)

Leonardo System:

Our final spindle speed optimisation solution is Leonardo. Once again developed by Alberti SRL the Leonardo system is effective a direct drive digital motor for the machine tool spindle. Providing an infinitely variable output speed and torque the system delivers high performance, reliability and accuracy to any small diameter or precise process. With a capacity for up to 6mm tool shanks and a maximum rotation speed of 60,000rpm at the output spindle the solution takes all the work away from your machine spindle! The speeder is controlled by an electronic control unit which engages with the head, during a tool change, using an innovative location/stopper block system to simply and effectively complete the circuit.   

Alberti 2020 Catalogue

(PDF - 23.6 MB)