Over the years at NIKKEN, we have designed, refined and manufactured our own extensive range of precision boring solutions and accessories to meet every conceivable process and requirement.

We have a complete and varied product line-up which features modular systems, bespoke options, blades, cartridges, grades and geometries to cater for all platforms, applications and materials.

Our standard range covers everything from balance-cut heavy roughing and finishing up to 580mm diameter right through to semi-finishing and precise fine boring of smaller diameters, using our exclusive 'Q Type' modular connection, from just over 180mm diamter down to only 3mm!

Fundamentally we can provide four key main boring products:

  • RAC - Twin blade solution for rough and semi-finish boring.
  • ZMAC - Single point precision solution for semi-finish & finish boring.
  • DJ - Single point precision boring head and boring bit system for 'tool room' style finish boring.
  • eMAC - Versatile and adaptable digital boring solution for rough, semi-finish and finish boring.

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