X-TREME is an evolution of our world renowned Multi-Lock Milling Chuck and was developed as part of a larger project to meet the needs of a major aerospace manufacturer.

The customer requirement was to improve manufacturing times and the reduce costs associated with machining titanium (Ti 6Al 4V) jet engine fan hubs. The hubs consisted of a series of deep slots, 22 in total around the periphery, which finally would also be milled to a ‘bulb’ form shape.

The original process had been in place for many years and, based on tool failure alone, had demonstrated serious reliability issues which over time had proven extremely costly in both material and labour rates. 

Early in the development a standard NIKKEN Multi-Lock was evaluated but, even with it’s supremely high mechanical gripping force, ultimately it wasn’t successful – though the best on test, once the end mill began to wear and the cutting forces increased, the end mill was finally ‘drawn’ and crept out of the chuck bore over repeated slots.

  • Optimum gripping

    Designed for direct chucking of the end mill (no collet)

  • Patented shank retention system

    Absolute cutter security and process reliablity

  • Fully sealed

    Fully sealed system for coolant through the tool (external jet coolant conversion possible)

  • Wide option choice

    X-TREME is available from stock to suit numerous spindle types/sizes

  • Ultimate performance

    THE solution for demanding materials, applications & processes

Using the original Multi-Lock nose ring and construction as a reliable base, though with redesigned and larger nose ring construction, the X-TREME solution was evolved, tested and progressed. By incorporating twin retaining bolts and a location stopper behind the main bore the process was proven with end mill remaining firmly gripped and the entire fan hub being machined reliably - repeatably.

X-TREME, depending on tool shank, is available in 6 standard sizes:

  • C12EX - 12mm direct chucking of X-TREME proprietory shank.
  • C16EX - 16mm direct chucking of X-TREME proprietory shank.
  • C20EX - 20mm direct chucking of X-TREME proprietory shank.
  • C25EX - 25mm direct chucking of X-TREME proprietory shank.
  • C32EX - 32mm direct chucking of X-TREME proprietory shank.
  • C42EX - 42mm direct chucking of X-TREME proprietory shank.

For the customer the ultimate benefit by introducing X-TREME, as well as process confidence, was a drastic reduction in both cycle time and tooling costs (over 50%)! X-TREME is now used in the manufacture of all sizes of such components and for many more similar parts and processes based on the demands of difficult to machine and exotic materials.

Many other users and indeed cutting tool manufacturers are now developing and improving their own processes, cycles and capabilties by adopting the NIKKEN X-TREME solution.

NIKKEN Extreme Milling Chuck

High Speed version of the X-Treme

NIKKEN Extreme Milling Chuck Technical Diagram

Technical Drawing for an X-Treme Shank 2 Lock NBT X-Treme Chuck

X-Treme Milling 2881

(PDF - 6.81 MB)

Capacity 'D' Code Length 'L' Grip Length 'H' Nut / Nose Dia. 'C' Shank
HSK100A-C12EX-95 12 C12EX 96 58 40 HSK100A
HSK100A-C16EX-105 16 C16EX 106 68 48 HSK100A
HSK100A-C20EX-115 20 C20EX 115 70 30 HSK100A
HSK100A-C25EX-115 25 C25EX 115 76 55 HSK100A
HSK100A-C32EX-120 32 C32EX 120 82 68 HSK100A
HSK100A-C42EX-135 42 C42EX 135 85 86 HSK100A
HSK125A-C20EX-120S 20 C20EX 120S 70 30 HSK125A
HSK125A-C25EX-120S 25 C25EX 120S 76 55 HSK125A
HSK125A-C32EX-135S 32 C32EX 135S 82 68 HSK125A
HSK125A-C42EX-135S 42 C42EX 135S 85 86 HSK125A
HSK63A-C12EX-95 12 C12EX 95 57 15 HSK63A
HSK63A-C16EX-100 16 C16EX 100 67 20 HSK63A
HSK63A-C20EX-105 20 C20EX 105 70 30 HSK63A
NBT40-C12EX-85 12 C12EX 85 57 40 NBT40
NBT40-C16EX-95 16 C16EX 95 67 48 NBT40
NBT40-C20EX-95 20 C20EX 95 70 55 NBT40
NBT50-C12EX-95 12 C12EX 95 57 40 NBT50
NBT50-C16EX-105 16 C16EX 105 67 48 NBT50
NBT50-C20EX-115 20 C20EX 115 70 55 NBT50
NBT50-C25EX-115 25 C25EX 115 76 55 NBT50
NBT50-C32EX-120 32 C32EX 120 82 68 NBT50
NBT50-C42EX-125 42 C42EX 125 85 86 NBT50
NIT50-C12EX-95 12 C12EX 95 57 40 NIT50
NIT50-C16EX-105 16 C16EX 105 67 48 NIT50
NIT50-C20EX-105 20 C20EX 105 70 55 NIT50
NIT50-C25EX-110 25 C25EX 110 76 55 NIT50
NIT50-C32EX-115 32 C32EX 115 82 68 NIT50
NIT50-C42EX-125 42 C42EX 125 85 86 NIT50