Spindle Taper Cleaner

The Cleaning Instrument is Capable of Surely and Quickly Removing Oil and Particles Stuck to the Machine Spindle.

It is necessary to perform regular maintenance of a machine's spindle bore taper because nothing is more important to a machine than keeping its spindle bore taper in good condition.

NIKKEN Silicone Taper Scraper is capable of surely and quickly performing regular maintenance of a machine spindle bore taper.

  • Blade-shaped silicone material removes stubborn dirt without damaging the spindle taper.
  • Unlike cleaner made of deer skin or fibre material, it can be used repeatedly by simply wiping the blade after use.
  • BT30, BT40, BT50 and HSK100 type is available now.

The condition of the taper connection is one of the most important factors in the machining operation. Regular use of the NIKKEN Silicone Taper Cleaner can maintain the optimal precision of the machine.

Spindle Taper Cleaner

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NIKKEN Spindle Taper Cleaner
NIKKEN Spindle Taper Cleaner in machine