NIKKEN Tooling Calculator

Discover how much money and energy you can save with the power of NIKKEN solutions using NIKKEN's NEW Tooling Calculator.

NIKKEN has continued to develop and manufacture precision Tool Holders and NC Tooling Systems at the highest quality for over 60 years. Highly productive and increased accuracy allows for NIKKEN Tool Holder users to utilise and excel using all kinds of applications, processes and materials across any machine tool platform or spindle.

These include our market-leading Tool Holders, the world-renowned Multi-Lock, X-Treme Milling chucks, and our Collet Chuck range- the Slim Chuck, Major Dream, and VC Holder. NIKKEN's industry-leading tool holders provide increased rigidity, repeatability and sustainability, reducing waste, energy consumption, and costs.

NIKKEN chucking products can contribute up to five times the tool life compared to typical competitor systems, providing a solid platform for ROI to increase drastically. Using NIKKEN's New Tooling Calculator allows our customers a quick insight into the potential consumable cost savings that could be made by introducing NIKKEN's world-renowned Tool Holders to their processes.