Hangsterfer's Coolant

NIKKEN are delighted to announce its latest partnership with the leading aerospace and medical supplier of metalworking lubricant, Hansterfer's Laboratories, Inc.

With values firmly aligned with our mission to provide sustainable solutions whilst maximising tool life, this newly established partnership will see NIKKEN as an approved UK Supplier for Hangsterfer's entire product range, focussing on 5080 advanced vegetable-based Micro-Emulsion in particular.

Hangsterfer's 5080 is proven to significantly increase tool life and surface finish, especially on Aluminum, Nickel and Titanium alloys, through surface-active ingredients, efficient heat dissipation and chip evacuation. This allows the metal to flow under plastic deformation and not adhere to the tools: favouring increased speed, feed, and depth of cut, resulting in improved productivity. Increased speed, feed and depth of cut can help increase quality, efficiency and completion of jobs, therefore providing businesses more time to take on a greater capacity of jobs, leading to greater ROI.

NIKKEN’s industry-leading tool holders and Hangsterfer’s lubricant provide the perfect amalgamation to increase sustainability and productivity. NIKKEN offer a wide range of highly rigid, highly accurate Tool Holders that have been designed & developed to enhance and excel in all kinds of applications, processes and materials across any machine tool platform or spindle.

The perfect pairing to push the boundaries of production, increasing productivity and reducing costs with sustainability in mind.

Discover more about Hangsterfer’s coolant here- https://www.hangsterfers.com/products/coolant-concentrates/