The new E346V+ is a massive update over the entry level E346i tool presetter. Designed to be bench mounted (optional base available) the E346V+ features a structure in electro-welded and de-tensioned steel along with our unique solid granite column and base to guarantee and maintain maximum accuracy.

The precision spindle system is fully interchangeable and can accommodate cartridges for all types of machine tapers covering HSK, ISO, VDI, BT CAPTO, etc. Also provided as standard on the V+ is vacuum tool clamping for ISO/BT 7/24 type tool shanks.

The E346V+ features a new and innovative automatic measuring routine allowing the operator to simply rotate the tool through 360 degrees after which the software captures and locks the maximum measured radius/diameter and length values of all the cutting edges. The software is displayed and interacted with via a 15” TFT touch screen mounted vertically for easy viewing and operation. Simple icon and graphically driven menus enable the operator to quickly and intuitively manage all tool measurement and inspection modes, in addition a range of auxiliary capabilities are available such as creating CNC Machine origins and tool sets.

The Presetter features numerous outputs including several USB ports and a network capability. This allows for the transfer of post processed tool offset data from the tool management system, via a network or even memory stick, to the numerical control of individual machine tools (depending on both the network and CNC controller capability).

  • Granite Construction

  • Measuring range Diameter Max 360 mm (radius 180 mm)

  • Height max. 460mm

  • Vacuum Clamping

  • 15“ TFT Touch Screen Monitor

  • Net weight: 58 kg

E346V+ Presetter

No Deposit & 12 Months Interest Free

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Technical Data

Measuring range: Diameter max 360 mm (radius 180 mm); height max 460 mm.
- Vacuum clamping of BT/ISO 7/24 tool holders.

Standard mechanical/electronic and optical equipment:
- Base and column made of natural granite to guarantee the maximum accuracy.
- ELBO CONTROLLI NIKKEN Linear Transducers in optical glass type AS 371.
- Axes resolution: X= 1 µm, Z= 1 µm.
- Machine structure in electro-welded and de-tensioned steel.
- ISO / BT / HSK / VDI………. etc. Interchangeable rotating spindle-holder (to be specified).
- Double vault arc prismatic slideways: 2 for X axis slideways and 1 for Z axis slideway.
- Double re-circulating ball bearing slides (three in total), lubricated for life (preloaded slides/slideways: P/H class).
- Vacuum tool clamping (ISO/BT only).
- Manual braking of the spindle-holder rotation.
- Constant load Archimedean spiral spring (as opposed to a mass counter-balance system).

Machine operator interface through:
- TFT 15” colour Touch Screen.
- Intel Celeron N Series Quad core.
- UBUNTU LINUX operating system.
- Data storage on solid state disk SSD.

Standard software:
- Operator-machine interface simple and intuitive by single screen function.
- Ease of use thanks to the integrated touchscreen.
- CNC machine origin and spindle adaptor management.
- Tool list creation and/or single tool.
- Automatic change of CNC machine origin allocation.
- Tool set and Post Processor universal generator.
- Printable tool set report.
- Theoretical measurements and tolerances management.
- Anti-dust cover provided for when not in use.

Overall dimensions: Length = 730 mm, Height = 800 mm, Depth = 500 mm. Net weight: 58 Kg.

X Axis Measure (Diameter) 360
Z Axis Measure (Length) 460
Natural Granite Base & Column JA
Interchangeable Spindle Cartridge JA
C Axis Display Spindle Body and Spindle Cartridge NEIN
Interchangeable Spindle Max. Run-Out Error 2µm
Automatic Rotation of the Spindle NEIN
Spindle Index in four Angular Positions (0º, -90º, -180º, -270º) NEIN
Spindle Rotation Brake Manual
Spindle Identification System (NFC recognition) NEIN
Clamping System JA
Tool Inspection Function/Capability NEIN
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN Triple Camera System (Cutting Edge Inspection) NEIN
Main Camera System Resolution 1µm
Main Camera System Measuring Range (C-MOS Sensor Framed Image Area) 6.4mm x 6.4mm
Secondary 'Twin' Camera System Measuring Ranges (Framed Image Area) NEIN
Main Camera Magnification 25x
Secondary 'Twin' Camera System Magnifications NEIN
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN Certified Optical Scale Axes Resolution 1µm
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN GS371 Certified 'Natural Granite' Optical Scale Axes Resolution NEIN
Touch Screen System (Operator Interface) TFT 15"
Keyboard and Mouse NEIN
Electronics/Processor Intel Celeron N
Firmware/Operating System Ubuntu Linux
Data Storage SSD
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN Tool Management Software Td346
Tool Set Management and Post Processor Universal Generation JA
DXF File Import and Creation NEIN
Balluff Read/Write Ready (Balluff Hardware Required)? JA
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN TiD Ready? JA
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN TP32 Ready? NEIN
Elbo Controlli NIKKEN IS 'Integrated Solution' with Twin Screen and Dual OS Option Ready? NEIN