Setting the Standard for Entry Level Tool Measurement

Our new E346+ and E346V+ tool presetters are the latest machines recently developed and launched from Elbo Controlli NIKKEN. Both models, built and constructed to our exacting standards from natural ground granite, feature an interchangeable spindle system which allows them to be easily utilised across multiple machines platforms to maximise productivity & reduce downtime (Vacuum clamping of ISO/BT 7/24 tooling is standard on the E346V+).

All pre-planning and tool setting tasks can be completed ‘off-line’ whilst the machine tools remain productive and generating revenue. With its intuitive and easy to use touch screen interface tools can be accurately measured quickly and simply with the corresponding data being printed, stored and even converted to NC data using our in-built post processor system. These capabilities help to reduce scrap and non-conformance by reducing tool setting and operator errors. Tool assembly run out, geometry and cutting edge condition can also be checked and confirmed prior to any tool going into production!

  • Granite column and base 

  • Elbo Controlli NIKKEN TiD ready

  • 15” TFT vertically mounted touch screen monitor 

  • Digital camera system (25x Magnification) 

  • Interchangeable spindle with vacuum clamping (E346V+) 

  • 360 degree automatic tool capture function 

E346+ & E346V+ Brochure

(PDF - 2.18 MB)

Expanding on the E346i, the recently introduced E346+ features a much-improved construction and an innovative new software system which is controlled via a larger touchscreen interface and menu. The software provides many more capabilities and options over the E346i model with tool management and control being at its core. One innovation is the inclusion of our auto measure function. This unique feature allows the operator to rotate the tool through 360 degrees while the software captures and locks the maximum measured radius/diameter and length values of all the cutting edges.  

The E346V+ provides a small upgrade over the standard E346+ which introduces another advantage to its capabilities from our other models. The interchangeable spindle system is equipped with Vacuum clamping to draw back and retain ISO/BT tool holders using the tool taper.

  • In-built Tool Management system with universal Post Processor generator (TdSIX) 

  • Theoretical measurement and tolerancing 

  • CNC machine origin management 

  • Tool offset Transfer via Network 

  • Cutting Edge Inspection 

  • Label Printer Compatible