Spotlight On: Hydraulics

In our spotlight on hydraulics, we look at which NIKKEN solutions are used to support some of the world's largest companies that utilise and manufacture hydraulic systems within their products.

One of the most popular components manufactured with NIKKEN Solutions is the hydraulic manifold, a key component of many hydraulic systems which controls the flow of fluid between all the other components depending on the operator inputs. For example, in the construction industry, the bucket on an excavator would usually be controlled by an operator using levers to adjust the position and angle of the bucket.

At NIKKEN, we understand that reliability and safety of these pieces of plant are paramount, which is why our products have become a firm favourite amongst those manufacturing within the hydraulics industry. In this article, we discover what makes our solutions the go-to for performance, accuracy, and precision.

NIKKEN Boring Bars

A hydraulic manifold consists of precision machined cavities and ports to accommodate hydraulic valves and plugs during assembly. NIKKEN's ZMAC Boring Bars are the ideal solution for those tight tolerance bores. 

ZMAC advanced is a single point finishing solution featuring a steel body with an adjustable insert cartridge to achieve fine finishing across many materials.

The boring size required is advanced and retracted using a precision micron dial mounted directly onto the fine thread of the internal cartridge. Both are absolutely in-line to provide pinpoint adjustment accuracy. 

Recently re-engineered to optimise manufacturing whilst improving its capabilities and performance, the ZMAC is suitable for all boring processes and is available with two types of carbide insert: 

  • Rhomboid for heavier cutting or semi-finishing
  • Triangular for fine finishing. 

ZMAC advanced features a fine cartridge thread which is hardened to HRC50/55 before being precision ground. The cartridge is mated to the dial ring, which receives special heat treatment during manufacture to a hardness of HV800.

All ZMAC advanced boring heads feature a centre through coolant supply as standard, directing the coolant supply straight onto the carbide insert.

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Rotary Tables

A NIKKEN 4th Axis Rotary Table, paired with a Trunnion style setup, transforms your machining centre into a 4th Axis Workhorse. 

This solution increases productivity by offering access to an additional two sides of a component, something which usually wouldn't be achieved if the part was placed in a regular vice on a three-axis machine. 

The ability to access all six sides of a cubed manifold with just 2 vices on a Trunnion setup reduces the need for 6 vices on a regular 3 Axis machine, reducing the risk of setup errors, scrap and downtime due to additional operator input.

NIKKEN Rotary Tables feature a 'Monobloc' main spindle, meaning the faceplate and spindle are manufactured from a single piece which is integral to providing optimum strength and rigidity. Discover more about the construction of NIKKEN Rotary Tables here >

Slim Chuck

High Precision NC Tooling is critical to achieving superior surface finishes and tolerances required to produce precision components, especially for the safety-conscious hydraulics industry. 

Our standard and precision collet chuck solution, the Slim Chuck, offers a Run-Out guarantee of 5µm at 4 x Diameter for absolute accuracy. Where accuracy is critical, we also understand the importance of repeatability, rigidity, reliability and longevity, which is why our NC Tooling solutions each possess distinct technology and undergo unique manufacturing processes. Discover more about the manufacturing process here > 

Designed to offer versatility to machines across various processes and materials, the Slim Chuck is ideal for machinists who work on cross-industry applications. Benefiting from a superior construction featuring our unique 8-degree collet system, the Slim Chuck has continually surpassed comparative ER collets in testing, typically offering double the gripping capability and improved tool life.

Compared to "traditional" tooling solutions that feature a 16-degree collet taper, the NIKKEN Slim Chuck benefits from an innovative 8-degree collet system with a positive location (four variants of which are available to meet any process or demand), ensuring superior gripping capability and optimum rigidity.

As with all NIKKEN Tool Holding solutions, the Slim Chuck is compatible with a range of spindle connections and is available in numerous profiles, shapes, sizes and gauge lengths.

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