This Is Compact Precision: 5AX-100 Rotary Table

Offering the renowned NIKKEN precision and quality in a compact form, our 5AX-100 twin axis Rotary Table solution is the ultimate candidate for those looking to optimise their machining envelope without negating space. 

Benefiting from a powerful air-hydraulic clamping system as standard and the patented NIKKEN worm screw and ION nitrided worm wheel construction, the 5AX-100 provides tilting axis capability and performance levels that can easily compete against its larger brothers.   

The smallest and lightest Rotary Table available from NIKKEN, the 5AX-100 is ideal for complementing compact machining centres, making it a popular choice for manufacturers of high-precision, micro components. Many of our market-leading clients in the technology and medical industry favour the 5AX-100 for high precision machining where accuracy is of the top priority.

As with all NIKKEN Rotary Tables, the 5AX-100 has been specifically designed and developed for compatibility with an extensive range of work holding solutions and attachments to achieve maximum capability.  

Key Features:  

  • Footprint of less than half a metre 
  • Air-Hydraulic clamping system 
  • Suitable for a range of attachments including as jig plates, scroll chucks and centre sockets.
5AX-100 Rotary Table
5AX-100 Rotary Table