Spotlight on: 5AX-201

Offering unrivalled high precision, the 5AX-201 is the ideal compact solution for providing improved optimisation with maximum clearance. 

Designed for increased productivity without loss of accuracy, the 5AX-201 is a prime example of NIKKEN’s superior performance and construction, with a commitment to easy maintenance and longevity. NIKKEN also offer a variety of options to maximise capability including vices, bespoke trunnions & workpiece fixturing.


How does the 5AX-201 differ from other Rotary Tables?

  • The 5AX-201 comes with pneumatic clamping and is a tilting rotary table, ensuring difficult to hold components can be mounted and quickly changed on a Zero point or self-centring clamping 5th axis vice.  This huge advantage also allows for fitting to a 3 axis machine and automation of the machining process on large batches, reducing set up times.
  • Because the majority of the operations can be achieved in 'one-hit' (access from all sides), rather than individually using multiple operations and setups, both the machine tool and the operators time can be optimised. Additionally, the 5AX-201 can be supplied fully interfaced to suit numerous machine types and controllers by the straight forward installation of additional drive/amplifier. Alternatively, the 5AX-201 can be operated and positioned using our stand-alone Alpha21 controller and pendant.
  • The versatility and relatively small footprint of the 5AX-201 table often allows for it to be mounted across the short Y axis on the machine bed – thus allowing the rest of the machine still to be used as it normally would for additional operations or secondary components.
  • Built-in type 4 ports rotary joint can be attached as an option.