Protect your investment: Serving your Rotary Table

Regularly servicing your Rotary Table can make the difference between it running smoothly and the risk of it breaking down incurring unexpected expenses and massively reducing production time.

Removing costs from any business increases profit margins but avoiding servicing your unit may prove to be a false economy, as wear and tear is inevitable and what is picked up during a service as minor maintenance can soon become a costly major repair if left to worsen, again incurring unexpected costs.

After a service is carried out on any CNC Rotary Table, a full report is provided to highlight any early warning signs. This report allows you to schedule planned maintenance, minimising downtime and being able to set budget aside for necessary repairs, ensuring you avoid a costly breakdown or gradual reduction in component quality.

We see many cases of contaminated oil leading to premature bearing failure and accelerated wear, in fact, research shows that over half the number of bearing failures in industrial equipment occur due to the contamination of bearing oil.  Just as any car needs regular oil changes, your rotary table will also benefit from regular servicing to protect against damage due to degradation of lubrication.

A Standard Nikken Service entails a full functionality check, adjustment of backlashes etc. where appropriate and oil change & resealing of covers to prevent coolant ingress. We also carry out a range of tests at the same time which give a clear picture of the condition of the bearings, seals, wormscrew and gear, presented in a full report on the current rotary table condition, without the need to remove the table from the machine or strip it down.

Here at Nikken, we have a fully equipped Service Department with over 20 years experience enabling us to offer complete and timely support for all Nikken CNC Rotary Tables, NC Tool Systems and Tool Presetters. We offer one off and annual service agreements to ensure your machine is running at its best performance.

So if you think your table might need servicing, you’d like a cost or simply some more information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.