Introducing the Next Generation of Entry-Level Presetting

Our latest solution from Elbo Controlli NIKKEN, the new E236+ Presetter is the ideal solution for those looking to incorporate tool measurement capabilities into the workroom on a limited budget.

Designed to be the perfect 'first step on the ladder’ for anybody thinking about Pre-setting their Tools, or looking for an additional machine-side unit to do your final checks or any adjustments before loading, the E236+ offers a range of capabilities.

Offering perfect simplicity, presetting your Spindle Tooling has never been easier with the updated auto-detect feature allowing for automatic recognition and measurement of the X and Z lengths of your tool, as well as any radii or angle features the tool may have. All these features are available on one intuitive LCD screen, meaning anybody on the shop floor can utilise it with minimal training. 

In keeping with the renowned standard for all Elbo Controlli presetters, our newest model features our signature solid Natural Granite base and column to provide the same market-leading thermal reliability as the rest of the family. 

Despite the compact size, the E236+ still boasts a measuring diameter of 260mm and tool lengths up to 360mm, with a fully interchangeable spindle system that utilises a one-piece cartridge allowing for all ISO/BT/HSK/VDI/Capto Spindle tooling you may have on your shop floor.

E236+ Catalogue

(PDF - 7.44 MB)

E236+ Presetter
E236+ Presetter Launch