Bennett Manufacturing Services

As a high volume manufacturer of automotive parts our machine uptime is critical to us.

Looking at how we could improve, our analysis and maintenance records showed that many of the machine stoppages were down to Rotary Table issues, in particular the fact that our existing units weren’t maintaining their accuracy and that any slight overload resulted in a costly repair and lengthy breakdown period.

As these rotary tables were at the heart of our production we sought the help and advice of Nikken to see if their Rotary table solution would be more durable and robust. It was clear from our meeting that NIKKEN Rotary Tables were of a significantly heavier duty construction and utilised a solid carbide wormscrew and hardened worm gear, rather than the conventional phosphor bronze gear system that our existing tabled had. It was also reassuring that they had excellent stock levels and a comprehensive service centre based in the UK in Rotherham.

NIKKEN CNC260 Rotary Table

Our initial investment was for four CNC260FA units which were fitted to our Doosan machines, when these went in to production it was immediately apparent from the reduced noise levels that these units were more solid and this extra rigidity allowed us to increase our cutting rate. Since the fitting of the initial four rotary tables we have now invested in over 12 x CNC260’s on new applications and replace any failing, old style rotary tables with NIKKEN equivalent ones as we progress.

Ray Bennett, Bennett Manufacturing Services