NIKKEN Direct Drive Rotary Tables are simple and accurate. Direct Drive tables feature no mechanical reduction mechanism such as the worm system within a standard rotary table.

Direct Drive Rotary Tables have the motor effectively ‘built-in’ to the rotary table body directly driving the axes and faceplate.

DD400F-250 Rotary Table
DD400F-250 Rotary Table Technical Diagram
  • Exclusive ‘Micro-Spike’ braking system

  • High Acceleration

  • High Speed rotation and positioning

  • Compact footprints

The tables provide extremely high rotation speeds with high acceleration and deceleration. The only limit is the driving torque of the motor! The application needs to be considered but NIKKEN Direct Drive Rotary Tables are suitable for numerous applications where complicated forms and shapes can be machined effectively and quickly.

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Face Plate Diameter[Ømm] 400
Diameter of Spindle Hole [Ømm H7] 100
Centre Height [mm] 230
Width of T Slot [mm] 14
Clamping System AIR (0.5MPa)
Clamping Torque [Nm] 1000
Servo Motor [FANUC] DiS250/250
Encoder αiCz Sensor 1024A
Min. Increment [Degrees] 0.001
Rotation Speed [min1] 125
Indexing Accuracy [sec] ±10
Net Weight [Kg] 245
Max. Work [Kg] 250
Max. Torque [Nm] 600
Constant Torque [Nm] 120/225
Necessary Cooling Capacity [w] 1200