One of NIKKEN'S best selling five-axis rotary tables, the 5AX-230 offers unrivalled high precision and durability at an affordable price.

Featuring a powerful hydraulic clamping system, the 5AX-230 is ideal for medium machining centres, providing high accuracy and increased performance. Designed specifically for use on horizontal machines and having an optional swing box for fixing cables and hydraulic hoses, the 5AX-230 is a worthy investment.

5AX-230 5th Axis Rotary Table
5AX-230 5th Axis Rotary Table Technical Diagram
Face Plate Diameter[Ømm] 230
Table Range/Type STANDARD
Diameter of Spindle Hole [Ømm H7] 60
Number of Spindles x Pitch [mm] 1
Centre Height (90°) [mm] 240
Table Height in Horizontal Position (0°) [mm] 285
Width of T Slot [mm] 12
AXIS Rotary Tilting (0°-105°)
Clamping System HYD HYD
Clamping Torque [Nm] 490 3430
Table Inertia at Motor Shaft [Kg m2 x 103] 0.3 0.5
Servo Motor [min1] αiF4·2000 αiF8·2000
Min. Increment [Degrees] 0.001 0.001
Rotation Speed [min1] 11.1 5.5
Total Reduction Ratio 1/180 1/360
Indexing Accuracy [sec] 20 60
Indexing Accuracy Ultra Precision [sec] - -
Net Weight [Kg] 220
Max. Work Load on Table 0° to 30° [Kg] 100
Max. Work Load on Table 30° to 90° [Kg] 100
Max. Thrust Load at Table Centre - Tilting Angle = 0° [N] 11760
Max. Thrust Load 'F' @ 'Lmm' from Table Centre - Tilting Angle = 0° [N] F5880 @ L=115
Max. Thrust Load 'F' @ 'Lmm' from Table Faceplate - Tilting Angle = 90° [N] F5880 @ L=0
F2940 @ L=100
Strength of Worm Wheel Without Brake (Against Dynamic Cutting Thrust) - Tilting Angle = 90° [FxL Nm] 451
Max. Work Inertia [Kg m2] 0.66
Driving Torque [Nm] 288