The combination of versatile characteristics of the CNC260 and muti spindle functionality makes the CNC260-2W makes a great solution to enhance capability and process. 

The inclusion of the multiple spindles for the construction of the CNC260-2W-235T make absolutely no compromise to performance and, just like the rest of the NIKKEN CNC Rotary Table range, promises to enhance productivity while maintaining unrivalled high precision, high rigidity and durability.

The CNC260-2W-325T is also available with a high-speed motor that can quickly deliver a substantial return on investment.

The CNC 260-2W-325T has a top-mounted motor however left or right-hand motors are also available - CNC260-2W

The rotary table can be supplied with a range of motors and controllers to meet your specific requirements - see the downloads section for more information or contact us to learn more. 

CNC260-2W-325T Rotary Table
CNC260-2W-325T Rotary Table Technical Diagram
Face Plate Diameter[Ømm] 260
Table Range/Type MULTI-SPINDLE
Standard Motor Orientation (Left Hand Option Available for Right Hand Tables) TOP
Diameter of Spindle Hole [Ømm H7] 80
Number of Spindles x Pitch [mm] 2 x 325
Centre Height [mm] 170
Width of T-Slot [mm] 12
Clamping System AIR/HYD
Clamping Torque [Nm] 588/1568
Table Inertia at Motor Shaft [Kg m2 x 103] 0.7
Servo Motor [min1] αiF8·3000
Min. Increment [Degrees] 0.001
Rotation Speed [min1] 22.2
Total Reduction Ratio 1/120
Indexing Accuracy [sec] 20
Indexing Accuracy Ultra Precision [sec] N/A
Net Weight [Kg] 320
Max. Vertical Work Load on Table [Kg] 175
Max. Horizontal Work Load on Table [Kg] 350
Max. Horizontal Thrust Load on the Table [N] 42480
Strength of Worm Wheel Without Brake (Against Dynamic Cutting Thrust) [FxL Nm] 1442
Max. Thrust Load on the Table [FxL Nm] 2320
Guideline of Max. Unbalancing Load (Vertical with Support) [Nm] N/A
Max. Work Inertia [Kg m2] 1.9
Driving Torque [Nm] 192