IS – Integrated Solution

Our new IS solution and option for our Elbo Controlli NIKKEN tool presetting range is the all-round ‘Integrated Solution’ for any tool room.

Several premium models within our line up can be supplied and installed IS ready. These include our E46L, E46LA, E46LTW, E46LTWA, E68L and E68LA models.

IS Catalogue

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The presetters are equipped with new updated electronics which allows and provides a dual OS operation. Both operating systems and the associated software are presented on twin 22” full HD vertically mounted touch screen monitors. This innovation provides instant access to all the usual and well known Elbo Controlli NIKKEN presetter capabilities, as well as our TP32 (Integrated Tool Management System) and TiD (Automatic Tool Identification System) software.

TP32 and TiD both work together and in complete synergy to provide full management of all toolroom functions and requirements. Significantly reducing production costs, time and optimising the material supply system.

In addition, the systems allow complete management of the entire warehouse and production system. This includes linking to vending machines for loading and unloading of equipment, your machine tools for setting up, sharing and monitoring of NC tool status and current situation for every live operation.

Everything required in one complete solution!

TP32 – Integrated Tool Management System

The right tools, in the right place, at the right time!

Tool management is made straight forward and assured with our TP32 system, limiting the possibility of any errors to an absolute minimum. TP32 features an intuitive graphical user interface which guides and assists any operator during use. Icon driven and structured to follow a predetermined process, the software is straight forward and easy to learn so the benefits and gains from adopting the solution can quickly be gained. 

TP32 can integrate with most existing CNC machines, automatic warehousing systems, vending machines, management solutions (ERP) alongside numerous CAD/CAM and simulation packages.

We can of course provide complete installation, training and support in respect of TP32 and its options to make integration a smooth process.

TiD – Automatic Tool Identification System

Our TiD system is simplicity itself and can provide instant benefits to any manufacturing facility:

  • Direct connection of the tool presetter to the CNC machine. TiD allows two-way ‘live’ communication between the presetter, the CNC controller and indeed the tool table(s) within the machine. Measurements and data can be sent directly to the CNC without any downtime.
  • Safety and Reliability. Safety and reliability are the two keywords for our TiD system. Insertion errors are absolutely eliminated because each and every tool assembly has its own unique identification. This ID, presented using a data matrix tag, is recognised using Elbo Controlli NIKKEN’s innovative software and scanner at both the presetter and the CNC machine to provide a secure and safe transfer of the tool data.
  • Full Customisation. There are no limits! We can provide, as a support option, complete and total customisation to develop and manage different configurations and requirements according to the tool data demand/specification for each specific CNC machine.