The NIKKEN E460A is a presetting machine which spans all company objectives and divisions.

The base and column are built in natural granite. The measuring range is 370 mm in diameter and 600 mm in height. The rotating spindle holder is completely interchangeable (with a concentricity accuracy of 2 microns / m) and equipped with a mechanical rotation brake.

The E460A presetter machine was built using a larger structure which provides greater precision, stability and reliability. Let yourself be amazed.

Our ergonomic knobs will allow you to move quickly and freely, framing the tool in the shortest possible time. Once the operation is complete, the fine adjustment will help you to collimate your cutting edge.

The AUTOFOCUS function allows tools to be measured automatically, without the operator intervening manually. This mode is recommended for those who need to carry out measurements on multi-edged tools which would be very long if carried out manually and, above all, which reduces the risk of human error to a minimum.

Once the tool has been loaded, the operator will simply have to choose what type of measurement he wants to carry out (single cutting edge or multi-cutting edge) and what to measure (X, Z or both axes) and start the measurement cycle. Without having to enter the number of cutting edges to measure or any theoretical value, the software will automatically start the cycle and end it once the 360° rotation has been carried out.






Elbo Controlli NIKKEN has developed a system that adapts the peripheral rotation speed of the tool based on the maximum diameter to be measured: the constant peripheral speed avoids the introduction of errors, whether you are measuring a 2 mm diameter tool or a 200 mm one.

The new machine software guarantees high performance: it is the heart of innovation in our world, especially that which looks to evolution.

What are you waiting for? Optimize your production process with an easy, compact and high-performance tool.

E460A can be equipped with the new Automatic Tool Recognition system.