V-EX Vacuum Extractor Nears Launch

NIKKEN are excited to announce our lastest innovative and cost effective solution; The V-EX Vacuum Extractor. 

Machining non-metallic materials can generate a lot of waste by-product and dust. These potentially abrasive particles accelerate the wear of your machine tool components, and create a health risk through dust inhalation. It’s essential to extract these particles to prolong machine tool life and ensure you comply with health and safety regulations.

These by-products of the machining process serve no useful process, and are commonly detrimental to the machining process and life of the machining centre. Most notably, abrasive dusts can result in rapid wear of ball-screw, spindle, and guideway components which are usually costly to rectify. In addition to machine damage, inhalation of such materials can pose significant health risks if left to collect in the air. 

The V-EX is an efficienct, in-process waste extraction solution. The patented design has no moving parts, and requires nothing but a 6bar air supply. Using nothing but an air feed, the extractor multipliesthe air flow from inlet to outlet, removing dust and particles from around the cutting tool and ejecting these at high speed.

This retrofittable solution to dust and particle removal for new and esisting machining centres will significatnaly reduce damage and wear caused by abrasive waste materials, address health risks posed by dust inhalation and promotie a smooth cutting operation by removing waste from the cutting zone. 

A demo of the V-EX is on show at the NIKKEN Innovation Centre, based in Rotherham. Complete the form below to plan your visit to NICe or to learn more about the V-EX. 

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