The Ultimate Solution for Anti-Vibration

In any metal cutting process, vibration is generated by the changing forces when making chips. These intermittent forces, and the unmistakeable cutting noise, can become particularly apparent during the interrupted cutting process of milling. Should vibration become excessive and steps not taken to control or negate it, then workpiece accuracy, surface finish and tool life can, and are, all ultimately compromised.  

The NIKKEN Major Dream is the ultimate solution when it comes to Anti-Vibration and Vibration Damping.  

Specially designed for unparalleled performance in applications from heavy milling through to thin wall machining, the NIKKEN Major Dream solutions secret lies within its internal split taper cone. This clever concept is created during the manufacturing process as the spring-loaded split taper cone is forced into a special recess within the tool shank body. As a result, the entire assembly now contains a precise pre-loaded internal spring system. It’s this that then allows Major Dream to counter and effectively absorb any vibration from the cutting edge as it is transmitted up through the tool holder, helping to achieve unrivalled surface finishes, cycle times and substantially longer tool life.  

NIKKEN’s Major Dream has been back-to-back tested with some of the leading competitor solutions for Anti-Vibration machining and the results speak for themselves.   

The system has also been subjected to dynamic analysis (Tap-Testing), which is a test used to measure the natural frequencies of objects; in the case of machining, this can be applied to the machine & tool as well as the workpiece setup. In the actual test, an accelerometer is connected to a sample tool assembly on which a recorded impact is then made to the side of the holder using a modally tuned hammer module. The Frequency Response Function (FRF) is calculated using the system input and output, providing an insight into the dynamic behaviour of the system during machining. The CutPro analysis of the NIKKEN Major Dream solution shows improved damping and resonant frequencies shifted away from those likely to be excited during machining when compared with leading competitors.  


NIKKEN Major Dream
Major Dream Slim Chuck