The Technology behind NIKKEN's Multi-Lock

Designed to provide ultimate precision, grip and retention of any cutting tool, NIKKEN's Multi-Lock is our power milling solution, used to meet the requirements and demands of today's processes, materials and applications.

Construction consists of two key components:

A one piece special heat and ‘sub-zero’ treated main body with a precisely ground parallel slotted gripping bore. The Cryogenic ‘Sub-zero’ treatment subjects the Multi Lock to temperatures of -90° (as applied to key aircraft components.) This removes residual Austenite, changing the ‘open grain’ structure to a more uniform Martensite condition with ‘compacted’ grain formation.

The ultimate gain is that the base material can provide rigidity in its own right. Eliminating warpage, distortion & improving both performance and reliability over the life of the holder.

Secondly is the external nose ring assembly which, within its shallow tapered bore, features a steel retaining cage with precisely ‘cut-out’ pockets containing hundreds of hardened, ground and coated steel rollers. The notched nose ring is designed to accept an optional hook type wrench for tightening.

This patented tool holding system provides capabilities and performances over and above those of similar products in the market. When considering the gripping torque alone, no matter what diameter or size is selected, the Multi-Lock provides around four times more original force than equivalent systems.