The Risk of Third-Party Repairs

While everyone likes to shop around for the best deal, opting to repair your NIKKEN product through a third party can often lead to catastrophic results.

Here at NIKKEN our Service department have not only all received years of intensive training exclusively on NIKKEN solutions but also share a renowned knowledge and reputation to provide everything from a straightforward service to a complete refurbishment.

With access to over 10,000 NIKKEN original spares, our engineers are the only providers within the UK licensed to stock OEM parts. This means third parties are no doubt adopting their own stock of components and manufactured parts, that are unlikely to match the superior materials and specifications that are specifically tailored for each of our Rotary Tables. This “square peg in a round hole” method can leave your table severely compromised and place you at risk of production struggles and ultimately at a financial loss.

Third Party Repair

Dangerous Third Party Repair

NIKKEN Quality component

NIKKEN Quality component

The image on the left represents just how fundamentally dangerous such repairs can be when performed by an unauthorised agent. Manufactured by a third party, the terminals on this cable have been left uninsulated, leaving a potential risk of not only a short circuit but the danger of electric shock to the user.

Choosing insulation tape to complete the cable insulation also demonstrates the temporary nature of most third-party repairs, as the bonding will dry out and deteriorate over a short period of time, leaving the cables themselves bare and unprotected.

At the connection end of this cable, the plug itself was fitted to the table using a metal plate sealed with nothing more than a silicone bathroom sealant. This type of sealant, obviously not recommended for any machine tool application, is clearly not designed for exposure to the cutting fluids used in machining. The unfortunate consequence of this choice was therefore that coolant penetrated to the inside of the table drive cover causing irreparable damage.

In comparison, the genuine NIKKEN part as seen on the right exemplifies a carefully put together quality component that is built for durability. The cable terminals are completely encased in a rubberised compound, not only sealing out moisture but eliminating the risk of a short or electric shock. All NIKKEN components are designed and constructed to the highest quality to ensure incredible performance, accuracy, longevity and of course confidence!


Recently had a 3rd party repair you’re unsatisfied with? Please let us know and we may be able to offer a FREE health check.