The Powerful Benefits of NIKKEN Workholding

NIKKEN offer a complete range of premium work-holding and fixturing accessories to suit any application. Whether it’s a standard, off-the-shelf centring vice or a fully bespoke trunnion package, our team of skilled engineers is available to create a solution to suit your process for direct supply or as part of a full turn-key solution.

Whether you have already installed additional axes for your machine tool or are considering the benefits of such an investment to increase the productivity and scope of your platform, NIKKEN has a work-holding solution to meet any requirement.

The benefits of NIKKEN work-holding are:

Enhanced Precision:

All NIKKEN work-holding choices are designed to provide high levels of accuracy and precision. They offer secure clamping and gripping mechanisms, ensuring workpieces are correctly retained positioned during any machining operations. Such security can result in improved product quality and reduced rework or scrap with improved and reliable surface finishes.

Increased Productivity:

Our expansive range of work-holding systems are designed to promote quick and efficient setup and changeover times. This enables manufacturers to reduce downtime and increase overall productivity. Our carefully selected range is designed to provide easy-to-use clamping mechanisms and precise positioning help streamline the machining process, leading to faster production cycles.


All NIKKEN's choices are suitable for the majority of machining applications and machine tool types to meet and support the demands of any process requirement. We can provide a diverse and comprehensive range of chucks, vices, fixtures, and of course CNC Rotary Tables to accommodate different workpiece sizes, shapes, and materials. This versatility allows manufacturers to handle a broad spectrum of machining tasks whilst also increasing productivity and sustainability.

Advanced Features:

In the main all our solutions incorporate and provide advanced features to enhance machining capabilities. For example, our CNC Rotary Table range (single or twin axis) feature unique construction and design elements, engineered from the inside for ultimate longevity and reliability, which provide precise positioning and indexing capabilities to enabling multi-face machining operations. When combined with suitable work-holding multi-face machining can be expanded to multi-part processes. Such advantages can enable the production of complex parts and significantly expand the range and scope of the machining possibilities available to the machine platform.