The Importance of Presetter Calibration

Presetter Calibration is an important process in order to maintain equipment, save time, money and provide trustworthy measurements given by the presetter. Calibrating a presetter will also increase productivity and here’s how…

Regular presetter calibration not only verifies the accuracy of the physical equipment but also ensures software upgrades are performed – so why is this important and how does it increase productivity?

A calibration will identify any underlying issues at an early stage such as a deterioration of counterbalance spring. By identifying these issues early, you can plan and budget for repairs and reduce the risk of scrap components or costly machine crashes, saving time and money. Reducing the risk of machine crashes means your tools will have a longer lifespan avoiding the unnecessary costs to buy more.

With a lower risk of machine downtime, it gives you the opportunity to manufacture products faster without compromising quality. Ultimately, offering high customer satisfaction and in turn increased revenue!

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