Technical and Specialist Capabilities

Our people are at the heart of our operations. Our goal is the same where ever our team members may be, this is to uphold a unified standard of quality, performance and excellence in our products and to our customers.

As a market leader, we strive to continually improve the next generation of technology through extensive research and development. By collaborating with industry partners and combining training and knowledge, NIKKEN ensures that their customers can compete and win in their demanding market sectors. We continually endeavour to refine and improve our product range and service offering, an approach that has ultimately led to the new NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe (NICe).

The Innovation Centre demonstrates NIKKEN’s capabilities on a range of multi-axis machining centres, which cover a diverse cross-section of industry requirements, supported both technically and academically by our advanced manufacturing engineering team.

Our team of experts and skilled engineers around the globe specialise in everything from tooling, fixturing and workholding to CAD design, CAM programming and process optimisation. With experience from a wide range of industries including aerospace, medical, oil and gas, automotive and power generation, our engineers are able to offer advice and solutions to suit any application and process, ranging from specific project-based activity to full technical partnership.



Services available:

  • Engineering and design consultancy
  • Contract design work
  • First artefact machining
  • Turn-key process delivery
  • Offline programming
  • Process optimisation


  • Tooling recommendation & Cutting trials
  • Benchmarking / comparative studies
  • Dynamic Analysis-Resolving vibration issues hindering a process
  • Investigation and process tuning
  • Spindle condition monitoring
  • Cutting force predictions using Vericut force module and Cut Pro