Spotlight on: CNCZ-105 and the NIKKEN Alpha 21 controller

The ideal solution for small vertical machining centres, the compact, high-speed CNCZ105 has a maximum rotational speed of 66.6 rpm and comes with pneumatic table brake/clamping. The CNCZ105 has the specification and quality that customers have come to expect from Nikken to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, rigidity and durability.

Designed for indexing/lead cutting of small size workpieces, this versatile Rotary Table is available with left and right-hand motors and can be supplied with a range of control configurations to meet your requirements.  

The CNCZ105 can be programmed and operated using our own NIKKEN Alpha 21 controller, this system has the same accuracy and resolution of a fully interfaced 4th Axis but has the advantage of being easily moved across various machine platforms to meet changing production demands, the A21 system can also be operated manually making it ideal for use on a wide range of conventional milling/grinding machines.

The NIKKEN A21 controller can be easily programmed to perform a range of tasks including:

  • Absolute/Incremental Positioning
  • Indexing- Equal Dividing
  • Indexing- Arc Dividing
  • Rotary Axis feed cutting (Milling with Rotary Axis)
  • Simultaneous Milling (Rotary & Linear Axes)

 For CNC Machine integration the A21 control features 2 possible modes of operation:

Pendant program, initialized by  -Code
A series of angular commands are entered into the memory of the Alpha 21 control, they are actuated by a M code from the Machine tool
All of the angular commands are held sequentially in the Alpha 21 control memory and there are simple one line cycles for equal dividing and repeat functions.

Macro B Program, initialised by M-Code
Angular commands are sent from the machine tool via RS232 connection and using the G65 command, the A21 control only holds one line of code and this is subsequently overwritten by following G65 commands, these commands are actuated by M-code from the machine tool control.

As well as offering bespoke workpiece fixtures, NIKKEN also offer a comprehensive range of work-holding with a comprehensive range of standard vice & chucking solutions:

  • 3 & 4 Jaw Chucks
  • ISO40 Taper Socket adaptor
  • 5C Collet Chuck
  • Centric Vices
  • Tailstocks
  • TAT Support Spindles