NIKKEN's Revolutionary TP32 increases efficiency instantly!

NIKKEN's TP32 Tool Management Solution is a powerful application suite used in manufacturing to aid in the accurate and efficient management of the Tool Rooms and Shop-Floor Tooling. Developed by Elbo Controlli NIKKEN, a leading manufacturer of tool presetting machines, the TP32 Solution is designed to improve the overall quality and productivity of machine shop activities by simplifying the tooling setup process and providing a range of features that ensure complete tooling visibility and readiness for production targets. 

TP32 is compatible with a wide range of machine tools and is designed to work seamlessly with NIKKEN's ToolID and range of tool holders to provide an efficient and fast way of managing tooling. Ultimately, increased visibility and data security reduce machine down time and increase sustainability. The software provides an intuitive user interface that provides operators with full tooling traceability and interfaces with many common CAD/CAM packages and vending systems.

TP32 at NICe

TP32 meets the demands of any company that requires a system capable of managing tool holders, cutting tools, spare parts, inserts, consumables and ALL associated data and information, including tooling assemblies and tooling sets.

Normally, the necessity to manage these resources stems from a need to:

  • Reduce production costs.
  • Optimise the supply system of parts and materials to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Understanding, at every moment throughout the working day, the actual situation of the resources available.
  • Properly organise the production cycle.

TP32 is a solution dedicated to managing the tool repository woven in as a fundamental component of the productive cycle. As such, the data is inserted and managed within a system which allows all information to be accessible to all members across the manufacturing process and presented in the simplest and most straightforward and useable manner.

Advantages of TP32 are:

  • Warehouse control,
  • Elimination of machine downtime,
  • Total management of tool assemblies, ancillary parts and their locations,
  • Reduction of management and financial costs,
  • Process improvement,
  • Tooling inventory consolidation,
  • Visibility of tooling costs.

Overall, NIKKEN's TP32 Software is a powerful tool that provides a range of benefits to the manufacturing process. Its intuitive user interface, wide range of capabilities, and ability to integrate with other software programs make it a valuable asset in manufacturing environments. Whether you are working with simple or complex projects, the TP32 Software is an essential tool for improving efficiency, visibility, and reducing scrap in machine operations.

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