NIKKEN's Precision Reamers Drastically Increase Quality

NIKKEN are a leading provider of high-quality precision tools and solutions, including the unparalleled precision of its reamers, setting new standards for machining performance in diverse industries. NIKKEN's commitment to excellence and continuous innovation has resulted in reamers that deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, meeting the demands of even the most challenging machining applications.

Precision is crucial in modern manufacturing, where tight tolerances and superior surface finishes are essential for product quality and functionality. Recognising this need, NIKKEN has invested significant resources in research and development to engineer meticulously crafted reamers using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, cutting-edge materials, coatings and advanced design principles.

NIKKEN's reamers exhibit several key features that contribute to their unmatched precision:

High-Quality Materials: NIKKEN utilises premium-grade carbide and high-speed steel to produce its reamers. These materials are carefully selected for their exceptional wear resistance, hardness, and heat dissipation properties, ensuring long-lasting performance and consistent dimensional accuracy.

Rigorous Quality Control: Every NIKKEN reamer undergoes stringent quality control measures to guarantee it's precision and reliability. NIKKEN ensures that each reamer conforms to the tightest tolerances and meets the highest industry standards.

Customised Solutions: NIKKEN understands that each machining application is unique. Therefore, alongside expansive standard options for blind, through and stepped holes, the company also offers and specialises in providing tailored solutions to suit specific customer requirements. This customisation capability enables NIKKEN to address complex machining challenges and deliver optimal results.

Stephen Eckersall, Technical Director NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe, comments: "Our comprehensive range of reaming solutions can lend themselves to any application, material or demand. Unique throughout the majority of the range is our 'end-cutting' capability. This design and feature effectively incorporates an end milling geometry to the lead of the cutting edges, which can help improve accuracy and correct micro radial misalignment of the original hole produced by the initial machining process. When used in conjunction with NIKKEN's Zero-Fit holders our reamer and collet solutions are unbeatable in the market!"