NIKKEN Expand Innovation Centre

NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe recently agreed practical completion on the expansion of their flagship Innovation Centre located on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham.

NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe Rotherham NICe
NIKKEN Innovation Centre Expansion Europe Rotherham NICe

The newly developed centre will house a number of different elements to further the expansion of the European business. These include a dedicated resource for the provision of services associated with the technical partnership forged earlier this year between NIKKEN and Boeing, supporting the requirements of their first European production facility. These resources incorporate a dedicated tool room and area for process optimisation, ensuring that the components produced by Boeing Sheffield are done so in the most efficient manner. Part of this includes a turnkey presetting and balancing operation that will streamline the entire process and provide Boeing with all their requirements.

Alongside this, a state-of-the-art laboratory has been installed for the design and testing of the latest Industry 4.0 developments, including software development and PCB design & assembly for the next generation of connected products. These industry-leading solutions enable the remote monitoring and intervention of industrial equipment to streamline processes and increase uptime.

There will also be a product testing area incorporated in to the facilities which will enable NIKKEN research engineers to benchmark and develop new solutions, accelerating the time to market for future products. This expands on the rapid prototyping capability that has delivered the revolutionary V-Ex Vacuum Extractor and the NIKKEN I/O Industry 4.0 solution.

Further future services that will be available to customers is the provision of ‘first artefact’ machining to assist product development processes without impacting on customers’ production capacity. Effectively where a part/project is at its inception and the customer, with existing production commitments, doesn’t have available capacity or resources Nikken could provide this as a service using our equipment, capabilities and expertise.

Speaking about the development, NIKKEN Europe CEO & President Tony Bowkett said; “At NIKKEN we are continually developing our technologies, advanced solutions and services. It’s exciting times in our company’s history and evolution.

The phase 2 expansion of our Research and development activities on the Advanced Manufacturing Park will create further High Value career opportunities for local talented engineers.

The daily mission of our resident engineers, in collaboration with local industrial & technical partners and our colleagues in Japan, is ‘to improve processes and develop ground- breaking solutions to be applied by our global customer base in their facilities in currently over 75 countries around the world’ Engineered here in our NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe - NICe”