NIKKEN drives customer satisfaction with E68LA Presetter

With a desire to create the ideal customer experience, NIKKEN wanted to create a product that provided a solution to support and enhance their consumer’s production process.

An example of NIKKEN’s pledge to customer satisfaction is the E68LA Elbo-Controlli NIKKEN Presetter, one of NIKKEN’s most advanced Tool Presetting machines. The E68LA Presetter provides an innovative autofocus function which allows for search and automatic measurement for single and multi-edged cutters, providing an even higher level of precision when compared to the standard E68L model.

E68LA Double Monitor
E68LA NIKKEN Presetter

The E68LA features a stable and completely free-standing design which is a key benefit of its own integral base. The machine also utilises our unique ground granite base and column to provide a thermally stable foundation. When compared to NIKKEN’s competitors, who adopt more conventional metallic elements within their construction, which are subject to potential heat expansion and contraction, this material demonstrates Elbo-Controlli NIKKEN’s commitment to superior accuracy and reliability.

The E68LA, like all our other models, is leading the industry in absolute precision and measurement reproducibility by featuring the ultimate high-precision spindle system that is fully interchangeable. NIKKEN’s largest Presetter utilises our usual ‘one-piece’ cartridge design with a fully mechanical tool clamping system capable of clamping ISO/BT, HSK and Polygonal taper tool shanks, eliminating the need for adaptors and the build-up of errors normally associated with their use! Not only this, but all axis movements on the E68LA are servo controlled with absolutely no operator contact with the column. This drastically increases machine stability and repeatability over similar machines, which incorporate the movement via a manual handle mounted on the column.

Supporting the E68LA’s high precision spindle and granite base is the large, vertically mounted touchscreen monitor and Elbo Controlli NIKKEN developed digital camera system complete with industrial PC architecture. The technology and software equipped provide market-leading operational and functional simplicity, allowing customers to measure up to 600mm in diameter and 800mm in length as standard! An upgrade to the IS (Integrated Solution) version of the E68LA adds the benefit of a dual touchscreen monitor system and access to the ultimate tool management and control capability our own TP32 system can afford to anyone’s processes and productivity!

To solidify the E68LA as a highly resourceful solution that every precision engineer should have is NIKKEN’s new 'M.U.S.T', Measurement User Support Technology, which is available to all existing users as an 'add-on' option. The solution provides a new spin for 'CNC' on a tool Presetter and features a unique and user-friendly measuring program encased within an intelligent interface. M.U.S.T allows the selection and setting of all measuring points, features, geometry, cutting edges, theoretical values, and tolerances using straightforward routines that are already familiar to anyone using the software.

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