NIKKEN Certified Components - Reassured Confidence!

NIKKEN pride ourselves on our reputation for durable, precise, and high-quality products. Each and every NIKKEN Rotary Table goes through a rigorous manufacturing process, ensuring the most hard-wearing materials and latest innovations are incorporated into every solution. 99% of NIKKEN components are manufactured in house at our headquarters in Japan, ensuring quality, consistency and longevity of the product.

This commitment to quality extends to every component, no matter the size or contribution, and is the same for all replacement parts. While all NIKKEN solutions are built to the highest specification and are constructed for lifelong durability, our dedicated service and repair engineers have access to over 10,000 NIKKEN original spares should any issues arise.

While it is possible to replace and repair some components with alternatives, using third-party components in your Rotary Table can lead to several performance issues and even cause potentially catastrophic production and financial loss. If the replacement part is not certified, it is unlikely to match NIKKENs renowned quality, leaving your Rotary Table performance and production compromised when compared with the unit that was originally purchased.

Recently had a repair by an unapproved third party?

If you have recently had a repair carried out by an unapproved 3rd party repair company and are questioning performance, safety or are just left unsatisfied with the service, the NIKKEN team are happy to come and assess the situation. Should any complications arise, NIKKEN have a fully equipped service department with various test rigs and specialised manufacturer equipment to ensure that all repairs are done to OEM standard.


Each NIKKEN genuine spare component is specifically designed to provide the correct tolerance and material necessary to not only get your machine back up and running but for the long term.

All our highly qualified service engineers receive years of rigorous training in every aspect of how to repair, service and ensure ultimate safety, longevity and performance. Our dedicated professionals understand the importance of minimising downtime and are equipped to perform anything from minor repairs, to full strip downs, as well as being trained in electrical support to replace cable looms to cable manufacturing.

The Dangers of Third Party Repairs

Non Standard Plug with Taped Wiring

Non Standard Plug with Taped Wiring

Damaged Non-Standard Plug Plate

Damaged Non-Standard Plug Plate