Enhance your capabilities with NIKKEN solutions.

NIKKEN offers various solutions, including rotary tables, angle heads, tool holders, and other accessories designed to optimise your machining process.

NIKKEN Kosakusho offers a range of high-precision Collet Chuck systems designed to improve cutting tools' accuracy.

For example, NIKKEN’s collet chuck ‘The Major Dream’ offers within the assembly is a pre-loaded split taper cone which, during manufacture, is forced forwards into a recess within the front body containing disk-type springs. This means that the entire assembly is under pre-load. The result being the cone and springs can effectively absorb any vibration from the cutting edge as it is transmitted up through the tool holder.

The key benefits of in-process dampening are that the machine spindle is protected, along with both the life of the cutting tool and the workpiece surface finish being drastically improved. Therefore, due to the reduction in vibration, accuracy is improved and provides a higher quality cut. NIKKEN’s collet chucks can improve machine capabilities by enabling the machine to produce more accurate cuts, reducing the amount of material wasted during machining processes.

NIKKEN offer a range of Presetters designed, developed and manufactured by our sister company Elbo-Controlli NIKKEN. With the use of an Elbo-Controlli NIKKEN Presetter, machine operators can drastically reduce time and energy consumption by accurately measuring cutting tools. Ultimately reducing machine downtime and improving productivity and sustainability.

Finally, NIKKEN provides a range of workholding and accessories that can help enhance your machine's capabilities. For example, NIKKEN’s trunnion allows any single-axis rotary table to be adapted quickly and easily with a suitable support table (like NIKKEN’s TAT solution). 

Our trunnions allow the positioning and holding of single workpieces, multiple workpieces, vice and rails to achieve greatly increased productivity and workflow. In addition, the benefits of multi-sided machining instantly increases any platform's productivity and minimises part handling and manipulation whilst effectively lowering manufacturing costs and reducing set-up times.

Take full advantage of the Government’s new Capital Full Expensing Scheme and enhance your machines' capabilities with NIKKEN solutions.