Direct Drive Capabilities

Providing extremely high rotation speeds with high acceleration and decelerationDirect Drive Rotary Tables (DD Tables) are ideal for applications where complicated forms and shapes need to be machined effectively and quickly.  

With a powerful clamping mechanism designed for durability and high precision, our Direct Drive range benefits from an impressive performance which is second to none. 

Unlike our other 5th and 4th axis options, Direct Drive tables have the motor effectively ‘built-in’ to the rotary table body, directly driving the axes and faceplate. This not only eliminates any potential for backlash but also equates to DD tables having a compact design, ideal for maximising machining space.  

NIKKEN also offer a range of chucking solutions, vices and workpiece fixturing along with tailstocks to cater for all production requirements.

Spotlight on: 5AX-DD100 

With a body width of 554 mm, 5AX-DD100 is the smallest tilting rotary table DD motor within NIKKEN’s range, allowing you to secure even more machining space. Providing high-speed positioning rates, the table is ideal for a multi-axis machining strategy. This compact unit opens up new possibilities for machining intricate parts, ranging from IT parts requiring high-speed, high-grade machining to auto parts requiring high-speed machining. 


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5AX-DD Direct Drive Rotary Table
5AX-DD Direct Drive Rotary Table