Brand New MACH Redesign And CNC260P Rotary Table

NIKKEN continue to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and pursuit of ways to create a balance between environmental benefits and high quality.

Last month, NIKKEN showcased their partnership with sustainability with the new and improved redesign of the Innovation Centre showroom. Attendees of MACH 2022 will recognise the NIKKEN stand, which has been reconfigured at the Innovation Centre to inspire visitors on how adapting their production process allows them to become more environmentally beneficial, and efficient and, ultimately, reduce their carbon footprint, all through the power of NIKKEN solutions.

The spectacular new redesign complements their range of multi-axis machining centres accessorised with NIKKEN solutions and aimed to demonstrate how the power of NIKKEN technology can vastly improve production processes. NIKKEN’s clear vision of sustainability and quality is signified largely through their new and exclusive products, the CNC260P & CNC302P Rotary Table.

The new range of "Plus" solutions, including the CNC260P & CNC302P, sees a new internal design that maximises clamping torque using only pneumatics. Both 4th axis rotary tables can be mounted vertically or horizontally, to suit any application, improving both capacity and capability of your machining centre. Highly sustainable, the new and improved pneumatic clamping enables various applications to be machined without an additional hydraulic power pack, resulting in reduced power consumption and negating the need for the storage, handling & disposal of potentially harmful oils.

The CNC260P and CNC302P Rotary Tables are commonly used on a wide range of vertical machining centres to provide 4th axis capabilities at a minimal outlay, whilst providing optimum NIKKEN reliability, making them a very sustainable investment. Especially when considering that the brake system generates a clamping torque of 1430Nm, which is 2.4 x more powerful than their predecessors, the CNC260 and CNC302.

The Spirit of Innovation really is embedded within this showroom!