The ultimate heat shrink toolholder solution.

Designed to offer ultimate capability and precision, the NIKKEN eu Shrink Fit Range is manufactured using carefully selected materials and processes, with a precise main bore which provides optimum 360 degree tool shank gripping and longevity for any demand.

This feature has also been combined with a slightly increased front recess diameter to ensure heat reduction and easy loading, reduced risk, increased life and reliable performance.

All solutions are available with a variable coolant control system, as an option, providing the ability to direct the supply either through or around the cutting tool.

Discover more about the NIKKEN EU Shrink Fit

  • Precise Toolholder Balancing

  • Runout of less than 0,003 mm

  • Tool shank is gripped at 360 degrees for the whole bore length

  • Better distribution of chip load along the cutting edge

  • Internal Coolant Supply

  • Easy Operation

Here's a list of our fast moving stock available to be delivered the next working day. Every week, we receive shipments from our factory in Japan therefore, if you can't find what you're looking for then please do not hesitate to contact us for an estimated delivery date.

Part Number Code Shank LENGTH 'L' Enquire
C6-SF8-80CP C6 SF8 80CP Enquire
C6-SF8-120CP C6 SF8 120CP Enquire
C6-SF12-80CP C6 SF12 80CP Enquire
C6-SF12-120CP C6 SF12 120CP Enquire
C6-SF16-85CP C6 SF16 85CP Enquire
C6-SF16-120CP C6 SF16 120CP Enquire
C6-SF20-85CP C6 SF20 85CP Enquire
C6-SF20-120CP C6 SF20 120CP Enquire
C8-SF8-85CP C8 SF8 85CP Enquire
C8-SF8-130CP C8 SF8 130CP Enquire
C8-SF12-85CP C8 SF12 85CP Enquire
C8-SF12-130CP C8 SF12 130CP Enquire
C8-SF16-90CP C8 SF16 90CP Enquire
C8-SF16-130CP C8 SF16 130CP Enquire
C8-SF20-90CP C8 SF20 90CP Enquire
C8-SF20-130CP C8 SF20 130CP Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT30 SF8C 90 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT30 SF8C 120 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT30 SF12C 90 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT30 SF12C 120 Enquire
NBT30-SF16C-90 NBT30 SF16C 90 Enquire
NBT30-SF16C-120 NBT30 SF16C 120 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT40 SF8C 90 Enquire
NBT40-SF8C-120 NBT40 SF8C 120 Enquire
NBT40-SF8C-160 NBT40 SF8C 160 Enquire
NBT40-SF8C-200 NBT40 SF8C 200 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT40 SF12C 90 Enquire
NBT40-SF12C-120 NBT40 SF12C 120 Enquire
NBT40-SF12C-160 NBT40 SF12C 160 Enquire
NBT40-SF12C-200 NBT40 SF12C 200 Enquire
NBT40-SF16C-90 NBT40 SF16C 90 Enquire
NBT40-SF16C-120 NBT40 SF16C 120 Enquire
NBT40-SF16C-160 NBT40 SF16C 160 Enquire
NBT40-SF16C-200 NBT40 SF16C 200 Enquire
NBT40-SF20C-90 NBT40 SF20C 90 Enquire
NBT40-SF20C-120 NBT40 SF20C 120 Enquire
NBT40-SF20C-160 NBT40 SF20C 160 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT40 SF8 90F Enquire
NBT40-SF8-120F NBT40 SF8 120F Enquire
NBT40-SF8-160F NBT40 SF8 160F Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT40 SF12 90F Enquire
NBT40-SF12-120F NBT40 SF12 120F Enquire
NBT40-SF12-160F NBT40 SF12 160F Enquire
NBT50-SF8-100F NBT50 SF8 100F Enquire
NBT50-SF8-130F NBT50 SF8 130F Enquire
NBT50-SF8-160F NBT50 SF8 160F Enquire
NBT50-SF12-100F NBT50 SF12 100F Enquire
NBT50-SF12-130F NBT50 SF12 130F Enquire
NBT50-SF12-160F NBT50 SF12 160F Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT50 SF8C 100 Enquire
NBT50-SF8C-130 NBT50 SF8C 130 Enquire
NBT50-SF8C-160 NBT50 SF8C 160 Enquire
NBT50-SF8C-200 NBT50 SF8C 200 Enquire
NBT50-SF12C-100 NBT50 SF12C 100 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT50 SF12C 130 Enquire
NBT50-SF12C-160 NBT50 SF12C 160 Enquire
NBT50-SF12C-200 NBT50 SF12C 200 Enquire
NBT50-SF16C-100 NBT50 SF16C 100 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT50 SF16C 130 Enquire
NBT50-SF16C-160 NBT50 SF16C 160 Enquire
NBT50-SF16C-200 NBT50 SF16C 200 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT50 SF20C 100 Enquire
NBT50-SF20C-130 NBT50 SF20C 130 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
NBT50 SF20C 160 Enquire
NBT50-SF20C-200 NBT50 SF20C 200 Enquire
IT40-SF8C-80 IT40 SF8C 80 Enquire
IT40-SF8C-120 IT40 SF8C 120 Enquire
IT40-SF8C-160 IT40 SF8C 160 Enquire
IT40-SF8C-200 IT40 SF8C 200 Enquire
IT40-SF12C-80 IT40 SF12C 80 Enquire
IT40-SF12C-120 IT40 SF12C 120 Enquire
IT40-SF12C-160 IT40 SF12C 160 Enquire
IT40-SF12C-200 IT40 SF12C 200 Enquire
IT40-SF16C-80 IT40 SF16C 80 Enquire
IT40-SF16C-120 IT40 SF16C 120 Enquire
IT40-SF16C-160 IT40 SF16C 160 Enquire
IT40-SF16C-200 IT40 SF16C 200 Enquire
IT40-SF20C-80 IT40 SF20C 80 Enquire
IT40-SF20C-120 IT40 SF20C 120 Enquire
Less than 10 in stock!
IT40 SF20C 160 Enquire
IT40-SF8-80F IT40 SF8 80F Enquire
IT40-SF8-120F IT40 SF8 120F Enquire
IT40-SF8-160F IT40 SF8 160F Enquire
IT40-SF12-80F IT40 SF12 80F Enquire
IT40-SF12-120F IT40 SF12 120F Enquire
IT40-SF12-160F IT40 SF12 160F Enquire