Techman Engineering Limited

Techman Engineering Limited have historically used NIKKEN tool holders, so when they were given to opportunity to purchase some equivalent tooling offering to be of equal performance at a lower cost they decided to take up the offer.

Initially the performance provided by the alternative tool holders was good, however, after less than a year in service there were tell-tale performance issues in comparison to NIKKEN tooling, this being reduction of cutting tool life and increased tool run out.

The worst case came about when a high value component incurred a false cut due to the cutter pulling out of the holder. Techman machinists were also concerned about this as a significant number of products machined are large, high precision components which carry a lot of value.

The decision to remove the full fleet of 30 inferior holders and replace them with the market leading NIKKEN Multi-lock design was taken in no time at all. As a result of this particular application, Techman now consider NIKKEN the preferred option for high-performance tool holders, with potential further upgrades planned in critical operations.

NIKKEN 3-Lock Multi-Lock Milling Chuck

NIKKEN 3-Lock Multi-Lock Milling Chuck