Tajmac-ZPS - Brno MSV 2019

At the recent international Engineering Fair in Brno MSV 2019, Tajmac-ZPS exhibited their MCFV 1060 Machining center with an automatic twin pallet changer.

Part of the technology on display included a unique NIKKEN project which featured a 4th axis rotary table installed on to one of the two pallets. Once the machining is completed the pallets are exchanged which enables the rotary table to move out of the working area. Once outside the finished workpiece is then removed and automatically handled by a robot.

The installation includes a docking system. Within this solution are located feeds and connections for both the power and air supply. No longer only located in the roof of the machine enclosure but instead within one dock within the structure of the machine bed, inside the machining envelope, and a second outside the machine at the pallet changer. When the pallet, with integrated NIKKEN Rotary Table, moves out of the workspace both the electricity and air supply are automatically disengaged from the internal docking station and then reconnected to the one outside the machine. The pallet change itself takes about 15 seconds during which time the NIKKEN equipment must ensure and maintain the pressure for both pneumatic clamping devices (tailstock and pneumatic vice) to retain the workpiece until it can be unloaded by the robot.

The NIKKEN application includes:

  • CNC260ZA Single Axis Rotary Table.
  • Flange type 2 + 1 rotary joint.
  • Air/hydraulic tailstock PBA-170.
  • SMW Autoblock pneumatic vice.

The entire solution is designed especially for automated production with Industry 4.0 capabilities being part of the technology. NIKKEN, and their solutions, of course are an integral part of such innovations.


CNC260ZA Single Axis Rotary Table Demonstration Brno MSV 2019
CNC260ZA Single Axis Rotary Table with ir/hydraulic tailstock PBA-170 and SMW Autoblock pneumatic vice.
CNC260ZA Single Axis Rotary Table with Flange type 2 + 1 rotary joint.