Shipham Valves maximise reliability with NIKKEN Presetter

Established in 1798, Shipham Valves started life as a brass foundry supplying products such as brass valves, bells, cocks, gauges and whistles to the local fishing and commercial shipping fleet based around the River Humber, with a heritage spanning over 200 years and origins in the shipping industry dating back to 1798. Shipham Valves have since become the most respected CTA valve manufacturer globally, serving industries including oil and gas, marine, naval defence, LNG, Petrochemical and pipeline applications.

Specialising in designing, developing and manufacturing an extensive range of non-ferrous and high alloy valves, including Ball, Butterfly, Check, Gate, Globe, Hydrant and Y-Type Strainers. Shipham Valves’ range of valves are designed in accordance with and conform to various British Standards, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), Manufacturers Standardisation Society and API (American Petroleum Institute) standards.

Shipham Valves are always looking to drive continuous improvement and minimise machine downtime. They wanted to increase productivity and efficiency whilst meeting production capacity. They knew they needed a top-quality Presetter with an extensive range of diameters and lengths that could take heavyweights and interchangeable back ends. After reviewing several different Presetters and speaking to our UK Sales Business Manager, Lee Rodgers, Shipham Valves received all the information they needed before scheduling a live demonstration. After viewing the demo and seeing the E46LA Presetter in action at NIKKEN’s state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, Shipham Valves recognised this would be the ideal solution to meet their requirements.

The Presetter has helped the business to drive improved accuracy further, giving the machinists confidence that the tool is right the first time. The offline setting of tools is quicker, reducing machine downtime and increasing sustainability. Shipham Valves have a varied range of tooling back ends, so the flexibility and ease of that allow them to get the most out of the Presetter.

Having machined a varied range of materials from NAB to Hastelloy, the more carbide inserts and tools wear on solidmaterials, the more frequently Shipham Valves have to reset accurately. Therefore, an Elbo-Controlli NIKKEN Presetter is necessary to increase efficiencies and reduce waste and energy consumption.

Furthermore, eliminating human error with the offline tool setting maximises reliability and reduces efficiencies and costs. With Shipham Valves constantly looking to maintain quality standards, an investment in NIKKEN’s TP32 software makes perfect sense.

This also allowed them to set the tool and QR scan all their tooling to ensure the tool is always correct for the job and automatically send tooling data to each machine further, bolstering their safeguarding and driving further efficiencies. Finally, it allows Shipham Valves to link the tool management system to their Cadcam programming suite and ERP system to quote at the front end, knowing if they already hold the tooling to complete an order or need to purchase it in good time. TP32 has helped Shipham Valves improve tooling quality control and organisation so that their manufacturing operation runs smoothly.

Paul Morrod Shipham Valves, Operations Manager, commented, “I think the capabilities, versatility and flexibility offered to support our range of machines, from lathes to milling machines, machining centres and horizontal boring machines, was absolute key. The Presetter can handle and set up a wide range of tools, some of which are complex. From multi-tooth tooling, numerous milling cutters and shapes, and some of our longer, heavier tools, I think NIKKEN's technical, sales, and professionalism is to gold star standards, and I’m delighted with their service so far”.

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