Sheffield Forgemasters

Global giants in steel production and engineering, Sheffield Forgemasters are renowned for their extensive history in manufacturing industry-leading steel forgings and castings.

Producers of some of the largest and most complex steel components in the world, equipment quality and performance must be second to none. This philosophy led them to NIKKEN, who were the first to be approached when searching for a tooling solution. 

A complication arose when the 5 Axis head attachment on their BOST VTL, provided unsuitable milling clearance and approach for a component scheduled on the machine.

NIKKEN initially submitted a range of 3D step files of a selection of Alberti Angle Heads suitable to machine the feature, whilst attaining the required clearance.

The final recommendation was an Alberti BT50-TH90cn-3.5, supplied with 100 bar centre through coolant and a NIKKEN SK20 output spindle for improved gripping force and a consistent accuracy of concentricity of the cutting tool within 5 microns. This was additionally supplied with an optional 'J Type' nut and O ring sealed cap, allowing the customer to control and supply high pressure through coolant right at the cutting edge when machining the part.

Our team of dedicated engineers at the NIKKEN Innovation Centre then proceeded to design and manufacture a tailor-made stopper block unique for both the machine spindle and the application.

Finally, the NIKKEN team then proceeded to assist with install and Angle head run in on the machine, offering all in all the full solution!

Sheffield Forgemasters Application
Application Study with Alberti Anglehead