Unijig Ltd

Serving a full range of Industries, UNIJIG Ltd have been providing CNC Milling and Boring capabilities to a global client base for over 40 years. Founded in 1975, UNIJIG have experienced incredible growth, becoming market leaders in first class CNC Machining through their highly skilled team of engineers and incredible range of Modern CNC Milling and CNC Boring Machines.

Renowned for their unbeatable quality, maintaining incredible precision when machining components is of the highest importance. UNIJIG have trusted NIKKEN solutions for over 20 years and selected them again when upgrading their recently refurbished Bradford facility.

UNIJIG have invested in several NIKKEN Zmac boring and Multi-Lock solutions, citing the total accuracy and repeatability required due to the high value and often complicated nature of Jig and work-holding components and their associated stacked tolerances. A firm favourite, the Zmac Advanced modular boring system provides incredible precision for any semi-finishing and fine finishing process.

Continually impressed with the quality of NIKKEN solutions, UNIJIG additionally chose to invest in our popular E346+ Elbo Controlli Presetter, ensuring complete confidence when setting and measuring of any tool assembly including boring bars. Part of our new entry level tool measurement range, the E346+ features an interchangeable spindle system which supports their requirement to implement and manage a wide variety of tooling systems across multiple machines platforms, ultimately maximising productivity.