Batch manufacture of Titanium back implants

An end user customer in Germany approached NIKKEN to engineer a solution for a Titanium back implant application in the Medical industry.

Working closely with the end-user, NIKKEN designed a turnkey solution, collaborating with the customer in 3D CAD/CAM software to guarantee compatibility with the machine tool.

The ultimate solution utilizes a total of 28 special Lang vices that hold Titanium billets for back implants, which are machined on a DMG 850 Machine Tool in batches, maximising process efficiency. The pictures show a NIKKEN 4 Axis CNC260 Rotary table with TAT and makes use of a custom designed direct feedback encoder.

The initial capital cost was quickly recovered thanks to the increased production efficiency and reduced set-up times giving a very short return on investment, with increased capacity and shorter lead-times being an additional benefit.

Reflecting on the solution, Carl Hughey, NIKKEN Sales Director commented:

I feel with this approach we can add real value to this sector and ultimately gain more orders working closely with all machine manufacturers, not just DMG. The quality of NIKKEN products, combined with our unrivalled customer service, means we are perfectly aligned with this hightechnology industry