Claro Precision Engineering

Subcontract manufacturer Claro Precision Engineering work across various sectors, including Medical, Aerospace and Sub-sea. Claro offers 3, 4 and 5 Axis Milling plus Horizontal 5 Pallet machining to provide their customers with a multitude of capabilities for machining and processing.

With a desire to increase sustainability, improve durability and increase tool life allowing their machines to be run over more extended periods, Claro looked to NIKKEN. After struggling with tool life and low speeds and feeds, forcing them into running a lot slower than they would’ve liked. Claro felt they needed to invest in high-quality tooling to provide the surface finish they wanted and give their consumers the quality they deserved. Having previously purchased an Elbo-Controlli NIKKEN Presetter and 5 Axis Rotary Table, knowing of NIKKEN’s superior quality. Claro spoke to their local Business Manager, Jack Varley, who suggested that Claro consider NIKKEN’s tool-holding capabilities. Since an initial test on their Nakamura 5-Axis Mill Turn, Claro has now purchased multiple Slim Chucks and is looking to update their 20-year-old NIKKEN Tool Presetter and 5-Axis Unit.

Since adopting NIKKEN’s market-leading Slim Chucks, Claro has not only increased their tool life (now generally require one carbide endmill where originally three were used), but also drastically decreased cycle times and almost tripled the speeds and feeds they were using, showcasing NIKKEN’s productivity and reliability. Claro has massively increased sustainability with a reduction in energy costs and now has superior swarf evacuation, leaving less waste and improved environmental well-being.

“We are always looking to improve on what we already have, whether it be tooling, tool holding or process; this is essential for us to keep up with our competitors, and all the NIKKEN solutions we currently use are extremely high quality and the aftersales is excellent. We will be looking to buy more in the future.”- Jaime Pickersgill, Manufacturing Engineer.


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